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11 June 2008 @ 05:05 pm
This is SO true! *snort*
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Ashton Kutcher.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Thailand in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 28 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Orange Subaru .
  I will spend my days as a Author, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Feeling: boredbored
Graceginny88 on June 11th, 2008 03:23 pm (UTC)
Haha, 28 kids !!! 25 of them are adopted :-)
LittleSinnerlittlesinner on June 11th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
And thank god for that! Ashton will be quite demending, you see... xD
Nevertheless, I still love my orange Subaru... Not sure where everyone will fit, but Ashton will probably have some connections with MTV and they'll pimp our ride so everything's cool... lol
Graceginny88 on June 11th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
I love Ashton in the 70s Show! Even at that time, you know he got lots of potential as a talented comedian, he's got great timing, and so cute.
LittleSinnerlittlesinner on June 11th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know what you mean. He was my favorite in that show.
And my sister hates him. I think it's because he's too handsome that she's jealous... *snigger*