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27 September 2008 @ 08:08 pm
I need your help  
Over than a year ago, I started building my own HP website, one that I can put all my fanart and fanfictions in (and yes, that's including my smut stuff :D ) It's all fun and easy to do, but apparently I'm way too lazy to finish it. And every time I make a nice looking layout, I then want to make a new one, because the first was getting too boring. So I need you to motivate me to go on and give me your aspects and ideas. Please answer the questions below:

1. Now that the HP fandom is starting to disappear, do you think that a new website with my fanart and fanfictions will make up for it a bit?

2. Isn't there enough HP fanart websites out there? Would you like to see another one up online with my art in it or would it be enough for me to post my art here on LJ and on DeviantArt?

3. Would you come and look at it? If so, how often do you think you'd be visiting?

4. What else would you like to see in my site, other than my fanart and fanfictions?

5. Since I'm almost completely broke, everything in this website is going to be based on free online tools (like free domain, hosting and other features), and some of those free tools may add banners and ads to the site (although, I'll try my best to find ones that are still free and banner-less). Do you think you'll mind visiting a website with ads and banners?

6. Should I put a section for my non-HP art and fanfictions on this site, or should those stay out and be posted in a different site?

7. If the art and fanfictions will be blocked for saving, do you think you would mind?

8. Do you think you'll be irritated if the site will be updated slowly and not regularly?

9. What colors would you prefer the layout will have?

10. Which site resolution you think is best: 800x600 or 1024x768?

If you have anything else to add and say, I'd be happy to hear.
Thank you. :)
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