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02 October 2008 @ 08:58 pm
After doing some thinking, I decided to quit LiveJournal.

One reason is because my life is a real mess right now and I need to figure myself out.
The other is because people don't respond to my journal, and I guess no one will even notice this post anyway, probably because no one reads this, but if you are, then know that I'm not blaming anyone, of course. I guess the deal here is that if I comment to you, then you comment to me, and I realized that I can't do that. I feel like I haven't really made friends here and if I had, then it's not the same anymore, as they have new interests in fandoms or hobbies that I'm not familiar with, so that way I can't be involved in most of their posts.

Note this: I'm not quitting the fandom. Not yet, anyway. I'm still going to post my fanart and fanfictions at my DeviantArt and fanfiction.net accounts (respectively, of course), so I hope I'll hear from you there. And maybe, just maybe, I may put up my own website too, someday.

I'm not deleting my journal and I'm still going to be around, to check my f-list once in a while and I may be found commenting in some posts, here or there, but I won't update this journal anymore. If you need me, you have my email in the profile page, you can always reach me there.

It has been a good journey and I'm going miss you. Thank you for the good times. Thank you for whoever commented and complimented.

Sincerely yours,
Feeling: crappycrappy